New Ford Mustang Offers More Technology, Exhilarating Performance and More Personalization Than Ever

  • More powerful 5.0-liter V8 engine, all-new 10-speed automatic transmission, and MagneRide suspension highlight available equipment that make the new 2018 Ford Mustang an even better performer on the road, and all-new Drag Strip mode makes Mustang more menacing at the track
  • Available advanced technologies include a fully customizable 12-inch LCD all-digital instrument cluster, Active Valve Performance Exhaust system, and new driver-assist features such as Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection and SYNC Connect
  • 2018 Mustang boasts refreshed front and rear-end design that delivers a leaner, meaner look and improved aerodynamics for more confident handling and improved fuel economy

The 2018 Ford Mustang rolled into showrooms with more of what pony car enthusiasts want most: more power, more technology, and more choices to make any Mustang their own.

The new Mustang features a more athletic and more modern exterior design that includes a lower, remodeled hood and grille for a meaner, leaner look, and a new front splitter for improved handling and improved fuel economy.

Mustang GT’s legendary 5.0-liter V8 engine packs more horsepower and torque than the outgoing version, and a long list of performance and technology upgrades – including an available 10-speed SelectShift automatic transmission and new Drag Strip mode for maximum straight-line acceleration – that make Mustang more track ready than ever.

“This is one of the most aggressive refreshes you’ll ever see for a vehicle – we can’t wait for people to drive this car,” said Carl Widmann, Mustang chief engineer. “We identified everything that is important to Mustang fans and delivered across the board, and we couldn’t be happier with the end result.”

Technology and design changes give owners new options to personalize their Mustang, highlighted by the available all-digital instrument cluster. Created in part by ex-video game developers, Ford’s first 12-inch all-digital LCD instrument offers various screen layouts, 26 color options and displays for up to eight gauges. The screen can be easily personalized, offering different views for normal/snow/wet, sport, and track/drag modes. Drivers can use new Mustang MyMode to save their favorite settings for suspension and steering and exhaust note preferences.

Premium trim level features give the interior an enhanced look and feel, with a hand-stitched wrap for the center console armrest, a look that is mirrored across the instrument panel and down the sides of the center stack. Restyled seating surfaces feature new patterns and color choices, including tan, Showstopper Red, Midnight Blue with Grabber Blue accents, and Ebony with Alcantara suede accents.

A pulsing start button glows red at night before the engine is started, and the instrument panel sports an updated Mustang badge. A heated leather steering wheel is a first-time option for Mustang drivers.

The rear of the car gets revised LED taillamps for a more technical look, plus a new bumper, revised styling and available performance spoiler. A dual bright exhaust is standard on EcoBoost-equipped models, while Mustang GT gets a standard dual exhaust with quad-tips.

With a dozen available alloy wheel designs and 11 available exterior color choices – including all-new signature Orange Fury metallic tri-coat and Royal Crimson, as well as the return of Kona Blue – enthusiasts can be sure to capture the look they’re after.

Ultimate performance

Performance is at the core of Mustang DNA, offering drivers a unique thrill of acceleration and cornering for the ultimate fun-to-drive experience. On all models, new shock absorbers make for better ride control, a new cross-axis joint in the rear suspension leads to increased lateral stiffness, and innovative stabilizer bars bring sharper response and handling.

MagneRide active suspension is a new option with Performance Pack – and standard with Performance Pack Level 2. The active damping system uses sensors positioned around the vehicle to adjust the suspension based on various inputs, including speed, steering angle, brake pressure, lateral and longitudinal acceleration, engine torque, drive mode selection, and even outside air temperature.

The proven 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine continues to offer outstanding performance, and improves to 310 horsepower and 350 lb.-ft. of torque. The 5.0-liter V8 engine on Mustang GT has been thoroughly reworked; with 460 horsepower and 420 lb.-ft. of torque, it is more powerful and revs higher than any Mustang GT before it. The power increase was achieved with the first application for Mustang of Ford’s new dual-fuel, high-pressure direct injection and low-pressure port fuel injection on a V8 engine – delivering robust low-end torque, high-rpm power, and improved fuel efficiency.

EPA-estimated fuel economy ratings for EcoBoost-equipped Mustangs with an automatic transmission are 21 mpg city, 32 mpg highway, 25 mpg combined. Manual transmission models are rated at 21/31/25. Mustang GT is rated 16/25/19 (automatic transmission) and 15/25/18 (manual transmission). Actual mileage will vary.

The manual transmission for both engine options has been upgraded for improved torque. For the V8, the manual transmission has been completely redesigned to include a twin-disc clutch and dual-mass flywheel to increase torque capability and deliver more efficient clutch modulation.

A new 10-speed SelectShift automatic transmission, available with both EcoBoost and V8 engines, is the best automatic Mustang has ever offered. With a wide-ratio span and optimized gear spacing, this all-new gearbox helps deliver higher average power for acceleration – improving responsiveness and performance.

Track drivers will find electronic line lock standard on both V8 and EcoBoost-equipped models. The feature lets racers pre-warm their tires before the start of a race for better grip.

Complementing the feature on vehicles equipped with a 12-inch all-digital cluster is an industry-first video game-like animation of a spinning alloy wheel kicking up a cloud of smoke when line lock is activated and engaged.

The 2018 Mustang will also be the first North American production car to feature the newest high-performance Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S summer tires. Designed to improve wet grip, dry grip, braking and handling, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S tires are available as part of the Mustang Performance Package.

“Performance enthusiasts will love this new Mustang,” Widmann said. “The enhanced V8, Drag Strip mode, the 10-speed transmission, the Michelin tires. It all adds up to the most exciting Mustang GT ever and has a 0 to 60 time of in under 4 seconds.”

Enthusiasts will find a new level of fun when Mustang Performance Pack Level 2 becomes available in the spring of 2018. The package includes a collection of drive-enhancing components such aerodynamically balanced high-performance splitter and rear spoiler designed to add downforce and enhance driver confidence when attacking curves at high speed.

Technology for greater personalization

Owners of a new Mustang can even adjust the car’s sound to their liking. Using the available Active Valve Performance Exhaust System, drivers can choose from normal, sport, track and quiet modes. The system includes an industry-first, time-configurable Quiet Start function, which lets drivers schedule times of day – such as early in the morning when neighbors are sleeping – to turn down the volume of the 5.0-liter engine’s roar.

For the first time, Mustang features a number of Ford driver-assist technologies, including Pre-Collision Assist with pedestrian detection including Distance Indication and Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Keeping System, and Driver Alert System. The driver assist systems use radar and cameras to recognize objects in the road, and may take autonomous emergency action – such as braking – to mitigate or avoid a collision.

The entire Mustang line features all-LED front lights including signature lighting, low-beams, turn signals, efficient projector high-beams and available fog lamps.

Mustang drivers can now enjoy the convenience of Ford SYNC Connect. The available feature gives drivers the ability to use the FordPass smartphone app to start, lock, unlock and locate their vehicle, as well as get updates on various vehicle diagnostics such as fuel level.


High-Power Sports Car Class
Series: EcoBoost, EcoBoost Premium, GT, GT Premium

New, with a sleeker design, more advanced technology and improved performance, the 2018 Ford Mustang features a lower, restyled hood and grille, and new hood vents that give it a more athletic look. For the first time, the entire lineup features all-LED front lights, plus there are revised LED taillamps, new bumper, fascia and an available performance spoiler. Dual-tip exhaust is standard for Mustang EcoBoost; V8-powered Mustang GT gets a standard quad-tip exhaust. A heated steering wheel is optional, while the standard rearview camera carries over. Available 12-inch, all-digital LCD instrument cluster offers unique displays for normal, sport and track modes. All-new MyMode lets customers save drive settings when ordered with the 12-inch cluster. The car’s engine note can be personalized with all-new active valve performance exhaust, available on Mustang GT.

Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection, distance alert, lane-departure warning, lane-keeping assist and Driver Alert System are available driver-assist technologies. SYNC Connect with FordPass is available for the first time. New shock absorbers, cross-axis joint on rear suspension and innovative stabilizer bars deliver an improved ride on all Series. MagneRide dampers are a new option with Mustang Performance Package. Standard 2.3-liter EcoBoost delivers increased torque, while thoroughly reworked 5.0-liter V8 brings improved horsepower, torque and fuel efficiency. Redesigned manual transmission for Mustang GT features twindisc clutch and dual-mass flywheel for increased torque capability and more efficient clutch modulation. New 10-speed automatic transmission – available for both engines – delivers quicker shift times, better low-speed tip-in response and significantly reduced friction losses.

5.0-liter V8 Engine
• Re-tuned to deliver 460 horsepower and 420 lb.- ft. of torque
• Bore size increases from 92.2 mm to 93.0 mm
• Dual fuel inject ion, including new direct fuel injectors and optimized port fuel injectors
• All-new cylinder head design
• Addition of two knock sensors for more precise cylinder spark control
• New crankshaft and connecting rod bearings
• Composite oil pan reduces weight by l kg

2.3- liter EcoBoost I-4 Engine
• Improves to 350 lb.- ft. of torque courtesy of recalibrations that take advantage of increased hardware capabilities
• Recalibrations coordinated with the new 10-speed automatic transmission, and the upgraded clutch and flywheel of the manual transmission
• Increased torque delivery accompanied by extensive dynamometer durability testing

10-Speed SelectShift Automatic Transmission
• Quicker, smoother shifting helps give Mustang drivers higher average power for better acceleration, improving responsiveness and handling
• Wide-ratio span and optimized gear spacing help make this the best automatic transmission ever offered on a Mustang
• Available with EcoBoost-equipped and VB-equipped engines

Six-Speed Manual Transmission Upgrades (V8)
• New Dual Mass Flywheel for improved NVH
• New Twin Disc Clutch for increased torque capacity and reduced inertia
• New MTB2-D4 (direct 4th) Transmission: Up-sized synchronizers 1st through 4th gears, revised synchronizer cone angles and tooth geomet ry, new power flow architecture and shift inertia (mass) for reduced shift effort and improved shift feel
• Featuring a Ford-patented power-flow and Ford-patented directing-acting hydraulic controls EcoBoost
• Dual Mass Flywheel, with new three-tang inner damper , for improved NVH and higher torque capacity
• Clutch , with new diaphragm spring and cover, for increased torque capacity and flattened pedal force curve for improved feel


New Ford Mustang GT features Michelin Pilot Sport 4S high-performance summer tires designed for optimal wet and dry grip, braking distance and lateral handling performance.
The Pilot Sport 4S tires make mass-market North American debut on 2018 Mustang GT and the tires are also available as part of Mustang GT Performance Package

Ford and Michelin engineers took learnings from the Ford GT supercar and Shelby GT350 Mustang to develop a custom Michelin Pilot Sport 4S high-performance summer tire designed for optimal wet and dry grip, braking distance and lateral handling performance.

“We took everything we learned at the track, including feedback from professional drivers, to create a tire custom-tuned for Mustang GT,” said Gary Swingle, Michelin tire engineer.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires have been fitted for some of the top performance cars in Europe, and will make their mass-market North American debut on Mustang GT. Sized 275/40-19 for the rear and 255/40-19 for the front, the rubber helps the car achieve a record sub-four-second 0-60 mph time to go along with its available drag mode and 10-speed automatic transmission.

A variety of factors make the Pilot Sport 4S tire uniquely tuned for Mustang. An ultra-reactive tread pattern adapts continuously to the road, and a hybrid belt of aramid and nylon ensures optimum transmission of steering input to the road.

A hybrid elastomer forms its outer rib and delivers exceptional dry grip to help relieve stress under hard cornering. A middle rib, along with an inner rib with a new mix of functional elastomers and silica, delivers excellent wet grip for improved braking. The tires feature a premium look, using a velvet effect to accentuate graphics on the outer wall.

2019 Ford Mustang EcoBoost with Performance Pack

The next time you jump at the sound of thunder or feel an adrenaline rush when you hear the new active valve performance exhaust on the 2019 EcoBoost-equipped Mustang, thank your prehistoric ancestors.

It’s called an autonomic response, and it traces back to ancient humans who successfully learned to react quickly to loud and powerful sounds, like the roar of a lion or the crash of a tree. Over time, this fight-or-flight response to avoid danger was passed along in our DNA and hardwired into our minds and bodies.

Eons later, that connection between sounds and our emotional reactions caught the attention of an 18th century music critic named Friedrich Marpurg, who was among the first in modern times to document different sounds and the emotional responses they elicit. Today, modern sound engineers tap into those very same concepts when they create sounds for everything from movies and music, to cars and cellphones – and even appliances.

“Our connection to sound begins in our mother’s womb long before other senses,” said Steve Venezia, a veteran Los Angeles-based television production engineer. “And later in life, sound is one of the most powerful senses that creates lasting memories, like a song that takes you back to a happy time in your life.” Beyond the basics of sound – loud, quiet, high/low pitch, simple or complex harmonic structures – Venezia says the trick to creating emotionally compelling sound experiences is starting with an authentic base sound, then adding layers over it to intensify the emotions of that particular sound. So that familiar “ta-da” chime your smartphone emits isn’t by friendly accident; it’s carefully designed to be pleasant and happy, according to Marpurg’s theory.

Sound DNA of a wild Mustang
In Dearborn, Michigan, audio designers of another sort create sounds that tap into our desire for power and thrills. They are engineers at Ford Motor Company, designing acoustic exhaust sounds that excite the senses and deliver a note of performance.

“We’re probably the few engineers here who do not have to design to a number or a specification,” said Hani Ayesh, Ford exhaust development engineer. “Instead, we work to identify that signature sound DNA that connects drivers to the emotional expectation they have for a specific car.”

These automotive sound engineers rely on computational analysis to design, for example, a computer-controlled active exhaust system that opens valves – much like a saxophone or a large pipe organ – to change the sound of the car based on the mood of the driver.

Ayesh breaks it down using a simple analogy – a guitar. “Strum a chord on an acoustic guitar, and you get a clean, simple sound wave – that’s your quiet Brahms’ Lullaby kind of mood,” he said. “Plug that guitar into an amp and crank it up to 11, and that’s your aggressive, crackling sound that really rocks your soul. We call that track mode.”

Performance comes in all sizes. When you step on the gas of Ayesh’s test car – a 310-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder Mustang – the throaty rumble of the exhaust makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up, just as it might on the larger-engine Mustang GT and Shelby GT350 models.

Click a switch on the center console, and the sound instantly changes to match your mood – normal, louder and more aggressive sport and track settings, as well as a quiet mode, when all you want is to just keep the peace.

“When I pick up my kids from school, they want to hear that growling rev of the engine,” said Ayesh, “but my wife and neighbors, not so much. So I can select the quieter ‘good neighbor’ mode, and keep them happy, too.”

Mustang’s new fully active performance exhaust will be available from 2019 on the 2.3-liter EcoBoost-powered pony.

12V powerpoints (2)
Air conditioning
Ambient lighting with MyColor® (Premium)
Audio – AM/FM stereo with 6-speakers
Audio – SiriusXM® Radio with 6-month trial subscription (Premium)
Cruise control
Engine – 2.3L EcoBoost I-4 (EcoBoost)
Engine – 5.0L Ti-VCT V8 (GT)
Front and rear stabilizer bars
Intelligent Access with push-button start
LED headlamps with LED signature lighting
Limited-slip rear differential
Mirrors – Power sideview with integrated blind spot mirrors
Power windows and door locks
Rear sequential light-emitting diode (LED) turn signal lamps
Rear-wheel drive (RWD)
Remote Keyless Entry System
Selectable-effort electronic power-assisted steering
SYNC® with 4.2-inch color LCD screen in center stack
SYNC 3 with 8-inch color LCD capacitive touchscreen with AppLink,® 911 Assist® and
2 smart-charging USB ports (Premium)
Tilt/telescoping steering column
Transmission – 6-speed manual
Transmission – 6-speed manual with Rev Matching (GT, GT Premium)

AdvanceTrac® electronic stability control
Airbags – Driver’s knee, glove-box-door integrated knee, front-seat side, and side-curtain airbags (fastback)
Brakes – 4-wheel disc with Anti-Lock
Brake System (ABS)
Illuminated Entry System
Individual Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS; excludes spare)
LATCH – Lower Anchors and Tether Anchors for Children in rear outboard seating positions
Perimeter alarm
Personal Safety System™ for driver and front passenger with dual-stage front airbags
Rear view camera
SecuriLock® Passive Anti-Theft System
SOS Post-Crash Alert System™

12″ LCD instrument cluster with MyColor
Active valve performance exhaust
Adaptive cruise control, forward collision
warning, and Pre-Collision Assist with
Pedestrian Detection
Audio – B&O™ Premium Audio System
Engine block heater
MagneRide™ Damping System
Reverse Sensing System
Selectable drive modes with 4-gang toggle
switch pack
Transmission – 10-speed SelectShift®
automatic with paddle shifters, and Remote
Start System
Voice-activated Navigation System with SiriusXM
Traffic and Travel Link® with 5-year subscription

Black Accent Package
California Special Package
Carbon Sport Interior Package
EcoBoost Performance Package
Enhanced Security Package
Ford Safe and Smart™ Package
GT Performance Package
GT Performance Package Level II
“Over-the-Top” Racing Stripes
Pony Package
Premium Plus Package
Wheel & Stripe Package


California Special

When Mustang first hit the streets in 1964, owners clubs sprang up around the country, with many regional dealers creating their own personalized pony car designs. One – inspired by the 1967 Shelby GT notchback coupe prototype – came to be called the California Special.

That original version featured blacked-out grille, fog lamps and a side racing stripe that ended ahead of a new rear fender scoop. It wore a Shelby-inspired spoiler, custom taillamps and twist-lock hood fasteners. Impressed, Ford put a limited number of California Special cars into production for 1968. Before long, the California Special had joined the ranks of Shelby, Boss and Mach 1 special-edition Mustangs.

California Special returns with a new limited-edition design package for 2019 Mustang GT fastback coupe and convertible models that commemorate visual cues of the 1968 original while celebrating modern Mustang performance and style Legend of innovation continues with addition of rev-matching technology for powerful 5.0-liter 6-speed-equipped Mustang GT that ensures smoother, more spirited day-to-day driving with an accessible manual mode for enthusiasts; class-exclusive quad-tip fully variable active valve performance exhaust added for EcoBoost®-powered Mustang First-ever B&O PLAY premium audio system for Mustang is custom-tuned to the acoustics of the interior to deliver an impressive 1,000 watts of power through a 12-channel speaker system and connectivity to SYNC. Three new vintage-inspired colors are available and over-the-top stripes.

“No doubt, 2019 is an exciting year for Mustang enthusiasts, especially fans of our California Special and BULLITT models,” said Corey Holter, Ford car group marketing manager. “This year further targets hardcore enthusiasts who want even more performance from BULLITT, while new technology – including rev-matching on manual transmission-equipped Mustang GT and active valve performance exhaust on the EcoBoost model – means even more thrills.”

Today, the 2019 California Special for Mustang GT is a visual standout, featuring a trademark fading stripe that traces from the 5.0 side badge to the rear fender scoop. A signature Ebony Black and Race Red script California Special badge adorns the trunk lid. At the front, the car follows the blacked-out open grille and picks up the Mustang Performance Pack splitter. The California Special wears unique five-spoke painted machined wheels.

Inside are rich black Miko suede-trimmed seats with embossed GT/CS insignia and contrast red accent stitching, along with custom embroidered GT/CS floor mats. Signature California Special script badging appears on the passenger-side dash panel.

“Few things are more satisfying than dropping the top on a California Special and taking a drive down the majestic Pacific Coast Highway,” said Mark Conforzi, Ford designer. “This signature design takes its cues from the original California Special, while enhancing the personality of today’s Mustang.”

Technical Specification

Construction: Unitised welded steel body, aluminium bonnet and front wings
Body Styles: Fastback and Convertible; Left-hand and Righthand Drive
Final assembly location: Flat Rock, Michigan, USA

Engine: 2.3-litre EcoBoost
Configuration: Aluminium block and head
Intake manifold: Composite shell-welded with runner pack
Exhaust manifold: Three-port integrated into aluminium head
Valvetrain: DOHC, four valves per cylinder, twin independent variable camshaft timing
Valve diameter/lift (mm):
Intake 32.5 /8.31
Exhaust 30 /7.42
Pistons: Cast aluminium
Connecting rods: Forged steel
Ignition: Distributor-less with coil-on-plug
Bore x stroke (mm): 87.55 x 94
Displacement (cc): 2261
Compression ratio: 9.5:1
Engine control system: PCM
Power: 290 PS (231 kW) @ 5400 rpm
Torque: 440 Nm @ 3000 rpm
Fuel capacity (litre): 59
Fuel delivery: High-pressure direct injection
Oil capacity (litre): 5.7 5W-30 with filter (16,000 km service interval)

Engine: 5.0-litre V8
Configuration: Aluminium block and heads
Intake manifold: Composite shell-welded with runner pack and charge motion control valves
Exhaust manifold: Stainless steel tubular manifold
Valvetrain: DOHC, four valves per cylinder, twin independent variable camshaft timing  (Ti-VCT)
Valve diameter/lift (mm):
Intake 37.7 /13
Exhaust 32.0 /13
Pistons: Cast aluminium
Connecting rods: Forged steel
Ignition: Distributor-less with coil-on-plug
Bore x stroke (mm): 93.0 x 92.7
Displacement (cc): 5038
Compression ratio: 12.0:1
Engine control system: PCM
Power: 460 hp (331 kW) @ 7000 rpm
Torque: 420 lb.-ft. (529 Nm) @ 4600 rpm
Fuel capacity (litre): 61
Fuel delivery: Dual-injection system featuring low-pressure port fuel injection and high-pressure direct injection
Oil capacity (litre): 9.5 5W-20 with filter (16,000 km service interval)

Transmission: Six-speed manual (available with Rev Matching (GT & GT Premium models)
Available transmission: 10-speed SelectShift automatic

  2.3-litre EcoBoost 5.0-litre V8
Standard 6-speed manual 10-speed Selectshift automatic 6-speed manual 10-speed Selectshift automatic
Gear ratios
First 4.236 4.70 3.24 4.70
Second 2.538 2.99 2.10 2.99
Third 1.665 2.15 1.42 2.15
Fourth 1.238 1.77 1.00 1.77
Fifth 1.00 1.52 0.81 1.52
Sixth 0.834 1.28 0.62 1.28
Seventh N/A 1.00 N/A 1.00
Eighth N/A 0.85 N/A 0.85
Ninth N/A 0.69 N/A 0.69
Tenth N/A 0.64 N/A 0.64
Final drive 3.31 3.35 3.55 3.35

Drivetrain: Rear-wheel drive with limited-slip differential

Braking system
Four-wheel disc with four-sensor, four-channel anti-lock braking system (ABS) and AdvanceTrac electronic stability control
(2.3-litre EcoBoost)
Front: 352 mm x 32 mm vented discs, four-piston 46 mm fixed aluminium callipers
Rear: 330 mm x 25 mm vented discs, single-piston 45 mm floating iron callipers, integral parking brake
(5.0-litre V8)
Front: 380 mm x 34 mm vented discs, Brembo six-piston 36 mm fixed aluminium callipers
Rear: 330 mm x 25 mm vented discs, single-piston 45 mm floating iron callipers, integral parking brake

Type: Selectable electric power-assisted steering with rack-and-pinion gear
Ratio: 16:1
Turning circle, kerb-to-kerb: 12.2 m

Airbags: Dual-stage front airbags, driver’s knee airbag, glove-box-door-integrated knee airbag, front-seat side airbags, and side curtain airbags (fastback)

Length (in./mm): 188.5 / 4789
Wheelbase (in./mm): 107.1 / 2720
Height (in.): 54.3 (fastback), 54.9 (convertible)
Seating capacity: 4
Track (in.) (F/R): 62.4/65.1
Headroom (in.) (F/R): 37.6/34.8 (fastback), 37.6/35.7 (convertible)
Legroom (in.) (F/R): 45.1 (max.)/29.0 (fastback), 45.1 (max.)/29.2 (convertible)
Hip room (in.) (F/R): 54.9/47.4 (fastback), 54.9/43.7 (convertible)
Shoulder room (in.) (F/R): 56.3/52.2 (fastback), 56.3/44.7 (convertible)
Passenger volume (cu. ft.): 82.8 (fastback), 79.2 (convertible)
Cargo volume (cu. ft.): 13.5 (fastback), 11.4 (convertible)
Fuel tank capacity (gal.): 16.0 (V8), 15.5 (I-4)
Base curb weight (lbs.): I-4 fastback: 3,542 (manual)/3,544 (auto), I-4 convertible: 3,676 (manual)/3,702 (auto), V8 fastback: 3,743 (manual)/3,765 (auto), V8 convertible: 3,934 (manual)/3,950 (auto)


Eagle Squadron Mustang GT

At Woodward Dream Cruise, Vaughn Gittin Jr. Presents Keys to Eagle Squadron Mustang GT That Raised Funds for Young Pilots

Drift superstar Vaughn Gittin Jr. stopped by the Ford booth at the Woodward Dream Cruise to officially hand over keys to the 700-horsepower Eagle Squadron Mustang GT to its new owner Brayton Williams.
Williams’ bid of $420,000 was the highest last month at the Experimental Aircraft Association’s The Gathering fundraiser and auction in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

2018 marks the 20th year Ford has supported the Experimental Aircraft Association AirVenture fly-in and the 10th one-off Mustang the company has provided for auction. All proceeds are donated to the association’s youth education programs, which encourage and support the next generation of pilots. To date, Ford has worked with the association to raise more than $3.7 million.

“Our thanks to Brayton for his support of the Experimental Aircraft Association and the next generation of pilots,” said Darrell Behmer, Ford Mustang design chief. “It’s been a great honor to work with Vaughn and his team to support this great organization, and to honor the pilots of the famed Eagle Squadron.”

Vaughn’s RTR Vehicles built the one-off Mustang with the Ford design team before the drifting superstar took the car to the summit at Goodwood Festival of Speed in the U.K. last month. The Eagle Squadron Mustang GT was designed as a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force and the heroes of the Eagle Squadron – volunteer U.S. pilots who flew combat missions alongside British pilots over Europe prior to the United States entering World War II. The centennial of the Royal Air Force was commemorated at the AirVenture event.

“This entire experience has been incredible – from the design collaboration and build of the Eagle Squadron Mustang GT, to being buzzed at speed by a real Spitfire and blasting up the hill at Goodwood and, now, handing the car off to Brayton,” said Gittin. “I’m honored to work with the Ford Performance team and the Experimental Aircraft Association to help the next generation of pilots keep their dreams alive.”

A powerful work of art

Visually stunning and unmistakably aggressive, the Eagle Squadron Mustang GT – painted in a camouflaged design to match the original Eagle Squadron Spitfire aircraft – features Gittin’s Mustang RTR carbon fiber wide-body kit and complete design package, including front chin spoiler, rear diffuser, upper grille with integrated lighting and a Gurney lip added to the Performance Pack rear spoiler. Front turning vanes, dive planes, rear flow conditioners and rocker splitters are also fitted.

Under the hood, a Ford Performance supercharger kit first introduced at the 2017 SEMA show helps the Ford 5.0-liter V8 churn out its 700 horsepower and 610 lb.-ft. of torque at 12 psi of boost on 93-octane fuel while maintaining the factory warranty. The car is fitted with an RTR Tactical Performance Suspension Package – with adjustable MagneRide dampers, Ford Performance lowering springs and RTR adjustable sway bars. The one-off Mustang wears staggered RTR Aero 7 two-piece forged wheels with 285/30-ZR20 front and 305/30-ZR20 rear Nitto NT555 tires.

Inside, a custom leather interior features Recaro racing seats with embroidered Eagle Squadron logo. A hand-engraved shift knob made from metal melted down from an F-35 Lightning carries over the logo, and a one-of-one hand-engraved badge made from genuine Spitfire aluminum adorns the dashboard.

Keeping the dream of flight alive

Aside from becoming the owner of this one-off Eagle Squadron Mustang GT, Williams was invited to attend the 2018 Ford Woodward Dream Cruise where he celebrated by taking the car for an inaugural cruise up the famed Woodward strip.

Jack Pelton, CEO and chairman, Experimental Aircraft Association, thanked Williams for his support of the next generation of pilots in their quest to find new pathways to flight. “We very much appreciate Brayton’s winning bid, because these proceeds allow EAA’s inspirational and supportive programs to keep the dream of aviation alive for the next generation of pilots and those in other flight careers,” said Pelton.

Gear Ratio Overall Ratio Max Speed