Weissach Package

The optional Weissach package, which reduces unladen weight by 18 kilograms, the similarities between the chassis on the racing and road versions become even more apparent.

In this instance, the chassis set-up of the series-production vehicle includes anti-roll bars and coupling rods made from ultra-lightweight carbon-fibre composite materials. Porsche is currently the only manufacturer to offer this technology in a road-approved vehicle.
Working in conjunction with the optional magnesium rims and Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB), these chassis components considerably reduce both the unsprung and rotary masses. The effect here is that the 911 GT3 RS is more agile, spontaneous and stable in any acceleration, braking and steering situation.

The optional Weissach package also includes a lightweight roof and bonnet with carbon-weave finish, the rear wing, magnesium wheels, a bolted titanium roll cage at the rear and SportDesign exterior mirrors also with carbon-weave finish upper shells. The rear wing comes with the unmistakable trademark of the Weissach package of the large “PORSCHE” lettering across it.

The interior is dominated by the bolted titanium roll cage, which is approximately twelve kilograms lighter than the steel roll cage featured in the Clubsport package. Even small details have been optimised to minimise weight, such as the ultra-light gearshift paddles and the steering wheel cover made from CFRP, both of which come in a carbon-weave finish. Even the floor carpet has been reduced. In the interior, the Weissach package logo on the headrests and the badge on the cup holder trim also indicate that this 911 GT3 RS has been optimised as far as possible in terms of its weight.

Forged aluminium wheels as standard; magnesium wheels as an option
The 911 GT3 RS can be fitted with magnesium forged wheels of the same dimension as the 911 GT3 RS; these wheels reduce the weight of the vehicle – and therefore also the rotary masses that are particularly relevant in terms of driving dynamics – by a further 11.5 kilograms.
When the optional magnesium wheels are fitted, combined with the Weissach package, the total weight of the car is reduced by around 30 kilograms.

Optional: Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB)
The braking performance of the 911 GT3 RS can be increased even further with the optional PCCB. The perforated ceramic composite brake discs have a diameter of 410 millimetres at the front and 390 millimetres at the back. The six-piston fixed brake callipers on the front axle and four-piston fixed brake callipers on the rear axle, both of which are finished with yellow paint, ensure very high and, above all, consistent brake pressure during deceleration. High resistance to fading is guaranteed, even under maximum stress.

The Tyre Pressure Monitoring (TPM) system is included as standard and issues a warning in the event of gradual or sudden pressure loss; it also has a race track mode, which takes into account the lower air pressure of cold tyres at the start of the track session.

Optional: Lift system
A hydraulic lift system for the front axle is available as an option; the system significantly reduces the risk of bottoming on kerbs, ramps or garage entrances. Once fitted with this system, the front end of the vehicle can be raised by around 30 millimetres, up to a speed of approximately 50 km/h.

Training with virtual support: Porsche Track Precision app
The standard Porsche Track Precision app allows the detailed recording, display and analysis of driving data on a smartphone. Lap times can automatically be stopped and compared on a smartphone using PCM or manually using the operating lever of the optional Chrono package. A lap trigger, available via Porsche Tequipment as an option, enables even more precise lap timing.

Once the vehicle is out on the track, the app displays the driving dynamics directly on the smartphone. In addition to sector and lap times, deviations from the set reference lap are also displayed. Graphical analysis of the driving data and a video analysis help the driver to continuously improve driving performance. Recordings, lap profiles and driver profiles can be managed and shared directly via a smartphone.

Optional: Chrono package with performance display
Porsche also offers an optional Chrono package for the 911 GT3 RS. In addition to the analogue and digital stopwatch in the dashboard, it includes functions for the display, storage and analysis of measured lap times, as well as a performance display. This provides the driver with information about the time and distance of the current lap, as well as the previous lap time and the times achieved so far. The fastest lap and the remaining fuel range are also displayed. Any lap routes can be recorded and reference laps can also be set.

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